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Turn your old upholstery into a new one!


Keeping your houses and rooms pitch perfect in terms of cleanliness is the primary objective of all the homemakers. Well, it needs a lot of effort, and one has to know all the methods to keep the furniture and other materials to keep clean in the rooms. 

Ways to create your own meditation and yoga place at home


The grandeur of Yoga is that, it can be performed anywhere!

Need a special place to escape from hustle and connect to the higher powers? Your scrutiny ends here. We all can’t deny that yoga can recharge our body energy and keep our mind balanced. That’s why many people out there are looking for their peculiar yoga room decoration.

Top Indian Retail Shop Decoration Ideas For 2018

Indian Retail Shop Decoration Ideas.jpg

The first and foremost impression any customer precepts while entering your store is the overall surrounding and how your store design is embellished. A bespangled and funky store is more likely to allure more customers than an un-managed and mucky one. 

Budget Furniture for Setting up your Indian Home on a Budget

Budget Furniture Indian Home on a Budget.jpg

God knows how long it has been since you are living in a dorm! Why do you still struggle so much with embellishing your space? We have one big guess: money, right? But there are some cheap home decoration ideas that will make your digs look chic on a dime.

10 Types of Interior Design styles which you can blend in your Indian home

Types of Interior Design styles.jpg

When it comes to living room design ideas or embellishing home style interior designseveryone has their own distinct style. In fact, it’s a crucial part of what makes your living space generate the feel of your dream home. There are plethoras of vintage and modern styles to choose from that blend together to aggrandize your style statement. 

Love Decor? Here are 7 Must Follow Indian Instagram feeds for Home Decor Inspiration

Indian Instagram feeds for Home Decor 1.png

Instagram has been a cure for inspiration for all of us. Once you relieve yourself from the endless landscape photography shots, cats and dogs videos and ubiquitous selfies, there’s a lot of be seen and learned from the photo-sharing social media platform. 

Interior Design and Home Décor rely heavily on inspiration and what better way to seek it than scrolling through your Instagram feed! Sure, you can subscribe to the best interior décor and design magazines, but the convenience of seeking creative home décor ideas on your smartphone is unmatched. 

Decorating Your Home? 5 Little Home Decoration Tips that’ll make a huge difference

Little Home Decoration Tips 1.jpeg

Are you thinking of buying a new sofa? Maybe that rusty old shelf in the bedroom needs a new life? They say the little things matter most in life. While we would like you to decide the relevance of this quote in context of life, when it comes to home decoration, little things can make a huge difference! 

Guide to incorporate Wood into your Indian Kitchen (2018)

wood in Indian kitchen best.jpg

A kitchen is the most used part of the home and hence, major emphasis must be placed on choosing the top materials and décor to enhance this significant area. When it comes to choosing materials for a kitchen revamp or designing a new kitchen, a myriad of materials are available to shine it out. 

15 Home Decor Ideas for Indian Homes (2018)

Home Decor Ideas for Indian Homes 1111.jpg

Whether it is a quaint abode in a small town or a modish apartment in the high rise city, homes in India exude elegancy and vibrancy. Indian home décor ideas are typically influenced by our rich heritage and endearment for the colors. However with passing time, Indians have gained the expertise and skill to fuse tradition with modernity and that can be seen in a range of Indian home interior designs. 

Types of folding beds for Indian Homes

Types of folding beds for Indian Homes 11.jpg

It takes some creativity to make your room from crowded to elegant. Living in urban metropolitan means having to make some concession when it comes to living room space. Yes we are talking about the bedroom furniture. Furniture like bed and sofas takes all the room lacking up space for other amenities. 

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